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Steve crying after Bucky fell

What I love about this, is that this isn’t Hollywood crying (TM). This isn’t the single perfect manly tear of the hero, or the over the top Noooooooooo!!!!

This is real, ugly, in public and still can’t stop, tears down the nose, can’t breathe properly, awful crying.

And I love that we get Captain America doing it. Anyone who thinks Chris Evans doesn’t do an amazing job of portraying this incredibly human superhero, or Steve Rogers is a boring character in these films isn’t paying enough attention.

Anon asked: Nine’s smile or and smoulder

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Steve Rogers + that plaid shirt


people who think steve rogers is a boring character probably didn’t watch the same movies

You will stay who you are, not a perfect soldier, but a good man.



Some dude messaged me on the dating site and asked why someone like me didn’t already have a great guy.

I fucking hate that question.

I thought about replying, ‘Probably because they’re surprised when I show them my huge dick.’


Girl, you really should have. xD